Love and cherish by the patriarch, we are a team of young, ambitious, daring, thriving individuals. We are awake each night thinking on how to infuse more life into what you do, we want some of our energy sales to sparkle into yours and light up a fire that would truly liberate you and yours. Contact us today to feel our vibe.

Business Financing

This basically involves accurately identifying the financial need of our client’s company and providing ample support to meet that need. Deliverables for this service includes successful grants, loan, and fellowship applications.

Marketing Strategies

There are more than one way to enter the market, our elders say, using proven scientific data and natural intelligence, PBA helps you decipher the right market strategy to employ to increase your sales exponentially.

Growth and Expansion Plan

The joy of every parent is to see their ward grow so also do we. Our success lies in the success of our clients. We want to walk you through what it takes to make that business of yours grow from what it is now to its full capacity. We believe every great company on earth today started as an underdog but with the right focus and mindset. This is exactly what we position you to do.

Objective Business Diagnosis

This basically involves identifying your business key performance index (KPI) and consistently meeting up with its targeted goals.

Are young, bold, daring, who wants to fail to succeed, ambitious, can stay for the long haul? If you fit into this mold, then pick the phone and send us a mail today, we are more than able to work with you

Unlock the power of the world’s finest consultants to solve your business challenges.

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    We are awake each night thinking of how to infuse more life into what you do. We want some of our energy sales sparkle into yours and light up the fire that will truly liberate you.

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      Patriarch Business Advisory (PBA) aka Patriarch Advisory (PA) is a management consulting firm committed to bridging the knowledge, finance and mentoring gap of small and medium sized enterprises in Nigeria.


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